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Omnicare Australia has proudly influenced the healthcare of Australians for the last 15 years.

Based in South Australia, Omnicare Australia sources it’s quality lines from all over Australia and New Zealand. Each carefully manufactured product or stringently curated ingredient must have beneficial health properties which can be quantified through strict independent audits and scientific backing.

We would never put yours and your family’s health at risk.

Whatever we label with the Omnicare Australia brand, we would eat and feed ourselves and our own family. Which is why it’s so important to us to ensure Australia’s strict standards about food preparation, manufacturing, hygiene and safety levels so you can be assured that the products you receive are of the highest standard.

Australia has a sustainable, globally competitive and resilient food supply that supports access to nutritious and affordable food which allows Omnicare Australia to be competitive in pricing without compromising on quality. We value our relationship with our partners and always work towards strengthening and developing lasting associations.


Omnicare Australia has developed a premium Australian designed, manufactured and regulated Infant Nutritional Formula. Powdered baby formula is the only safe and closest alternative to breast milk during the first year of a baby’s life.

Our formula is a breastmilk substitute for healthy infants without special nutritional needs. Consisting of 3 stages (0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-3 years) it can be used as an infant’s sole source of nutrition and as a supplement to breastfeeding. We have a strong focus on quality and nutrition, which resulted in our Infant formula being better than most gold or platinum brands. This is vital for ensuring positive short and long-term developmental outcomes for infants.

Our RediStart GOLD+ Premium Australian Infant Formula contains a vital combination of important nutrients to meet the demands of developing infants and is formulated to achieve a profile as close as possible to breast milk. The specifically chosen ingredients include protein from cow’s milk, carbohydrates, vitamin/mineral micronutrients, nucleotides, along with a blend of vegetable fats to replace bovine milk fat.


Omnicare Australia’s Royal Manuka Honey has been harvested from some of Australia and New Zealand‘s most remote places, known for its clean, unpolluted and green environment. Each batch of Omnicare Australia’s Royal Manuka Honey has been strictly independently tested for its Methylglyoxal (MG) rating. The MG grading system appraises natural markers of antibacterial strength and activity found in Manuka honey, and assures purity & quality. You can purchase with confidence our premium quality Royal Manuka Honey backed by our MG guarantee which directly correlates to strengths found via independent laboratory test results.

  • Independently tested
  • Comes in four premium ratings of MG 100+, 300+, 500+ and 800+
  • Each rating is available for purchase in 250g, 500g and 1Kg premium glass or PET pharmaceutical grade containers.

Our Royal Manuka Honey not only has special therapeutic qualities, but it is also very distinctive in taste, smell, colour and consistency. It is perhaps sweeter than non-medical honeys although the sweetness of it is balanced by a slightly savoury or “spicy” aftertaste. You can distinguish authentic Manuka honey as it is much richer than non-medical or ordinary culinary honey. Authentic Manuka honey is also substantially thicker or less viscous than normal culinary honey, making it easier to spread or apply to wounds or wound dressings.

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